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  • New Research Shows Employer Engagement Boosts People's Employment Prospects but those have most need to benefit, get it least Posted on 18 February 2017

    The focus of the report is on work-related activities commonly undertaken by schools and colleges to help prepare students for the transition relating specifically to employer engagement education.

    The findings suggest that one-off careers activities are not enough, with only 25% of those recalling having taken part in one careers activity at school describing it as very or fairly helpful to their decision making post-16. This proportion rose steadily the more activities the individual had participated in, up to 51% for four or more activities. The research found that those who undertook four activities while school were 86% less likely to be not in education, employment or training (NEET) than those who did none. The survey also found that good quality careers education had a positive impact on young adults’ wages, with those who described the activities they explained as ‘helpful in getting a job’ earning up to 16.4% more than those who had not participated in any activities

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